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Alongside of its realistic graphics and effects never seen before, Eterlands bring something new and fresh to the world of MOBA games. It offers you a well thought through, clearly defined and well balanced gaming environment, with emphasis on social elements as well as true to type, fair and easy to follow structure. Eterlands would cherish elements offered by the popular predecessors like League of Legends and DOTA but also widening the palette with unique features never seen before:

Realistic graphics
Destructible and movable environment
Realistic combat system
Unique character build
Socially focused gaming experience
Educational system
Strategy and rank oriented features

Imagine a game where a huge punch can really break bones leaving no chance to survive, where a superhot magic plasma annihilates everything what it touches including the ground itself. If someone gets a huge hit, their body flies away knocking over other characters and minions. Arrows have real deadly wounds if they hit flesh. You always have to be very cautious because life and death is only separated by one wrong decision. You need to be a real teamplayer to survive on the battleground.


This is a team game. A team game about community. Even the greatest heroes fall in no time without a good team. Imagine a game where people are waiting to help you, to encourage you, to teach you in order to be successful and join their teams.

Develope and practice team strategies and tactics
Choose the final strategies in the pre-game strategy meeting
Easily implement these strategies during the game in a clean and well deliberated way

Overall, come up with a strategy, practice and finalize so you would be able to use them well and wisely during the game itself.

A fully destructible environment is waiting for you. You can destroy the walls, the towers, the trees and even the ground you are walking on. All of these are permanent changes in the game. You can even use your surroundings and elements found in there, in more ways. Eterlands is pushing boundaries as far as it is possible to give you the most realistic and enjoyable, well balanced gameplay.

There are different maps even in the same game mode and all of them has unique mood, and special features. You have the option to form your maps and change your boundaries:

Destroying a bridge in order to make the walkways impassable
Demolishing rockwalls to kill the enemies
Breaking a dam to flood parts of the map with which you can slow down your enemies

In Eterlands you will always get changing weather just in real life. There could be clear skies when you step in the arena but 5 minutes later rain could pour down evolving into a heavy storm with lightnings. Sometimes you will experience snowing and feel the snow crunching under your feet. You will be slowing down when walking in deep waters, so always choose your path wisely. Full day-night cycle implemented in order to receive an always changing mood and environment.

Different skill trees and items for every character.
Make your eternal stronger and get the best out of them by leveling.
Make the deadliest and strongest abilities even more powerful. With tons of customization possibilities, there are no two builds alike, so forget the one build per character. Collect items and sets for your eternal which they can carry with them on the battlefield.
Even more!
Bring more items than you can carry in your chest in order to adapt to different situations and change your items and appearance as you like. Collect all parts of the legendary items in order to activate special abilities. Carry special and not so legal items with you to the arena which sometimes could be dangerous for you as well.


Learn, evolve, join a clan, get higher and higher ranks, and become a squad leader. Based on how much you played and how many battles you won, you get ranks which could lead to other players asking you to become their squad lead using theory in practice. To become a real leader you have to fight many battles and work hard for your well deserved rankings. By gaining all these experiences and knowledge you can prove that you are a born talent. You should know how to encourage, and manage the whole team if you are the captain. You have to train yourself how to lead and become the greatest leader of all times. Ranks finally have real meanings. . .

Eterlands Eterlands
Eterlands Eterlands

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In the ancient times there was greed, blood and death. Great empires rise and fell many times. There was just sorrow and glory but even it came with a price. Many era has past until a wise race, the ancients has risen where the knowledge reached an unbelievably high level and many beings lived a very long life. When they looked in to the thread of the time they realized that only change is permanent and their empire will eventually fall as well. The decision was born, the decision to build arenas throughout everywhere in the known lands in order to give hope to the next generations. These arenas are the place where enemies could fight each other avoiding wars and meaningless bloodshed.
The empire of the ancients is long gone now as predicted, however fighting would never stop!
Some things are inevitable!
Wild, strong and untamed warriors of different species are fighting in the arenas every day. Only the best and strongest could survive.
Whoever wins receives power and glory throughout all known worlds.
Whoever wins would rise to the highest and become the best of all warriors, an Eternal.

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